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Visiting Palma

Palma is a cultural city, an easy accessible city, where everything is close by. Beautifully arranged as a fan towards the sea, the city is marked by the cultures that have lived on the island along its history. Palma invites you to discover its buildings and the monuments that portray the evolution of aesthetic trends during the centuries, that are visible in more than 700 streets in its historic centre. This is where you will find the footprint of all those civilisations that have contributed to its building. A city that invites you to display creativity, as so many artists have done in the past, inspired by its warm and magic light.

Palma stands for learning, enjoying, living. Palma invites you to discover new things 365 days a year.

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Name Telephone
Arab Baths

de Serra, 7 PC:07001 Palma

637 046 534 
Castell de Bellver

de Camilo José Cela, s/n PC:07014 Palma

971 73 50 65 
La Llotja.

Plaça de la Llotja, 5 PC:07012 Palma

Oleza Palace. Casal Can Oleza

Street de Morei, 33 PC:07001 Palma

Sea Consulate

Passeig Sagrera, 7 PC:07012 Palma

The Almudaina Palace

Street del Palau Reial, PC:07001 Palma

971 214 134 
The Town Council

Plaça de Cort, 1 PC:07001 Palma

971 22 59 00 

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