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Cal Comte de la Cova

Cal Comte de la Cova 1


The façade still features a Renaissance window and the remains of an illegible coat of arms. The entrance has a wooden, polychrome Mudejar-style ceiling that dates back to the XIVth century. A special mention should be made to the staircase, on the left side of the patio. This Gothic sandstone staircase, formed by late Gothic cloisters with tracery work, has been recently been refurbished.

Historical reference

In1576 the house was owned by Francesc Desclapés. In the XVIIth century it became ownership of Francesc de Villalonga i Fortuny, known as Comte de la Cova. In the year 1740, his son, Jordi de Villalonga i de Velasco, second Comte de la Cova, Viceroy of the New Kingdom of Granada (America)  died. The house was inherited by his sister, Manuela de Villalonga i de Velasco, married to Martín Nicolás González de Castejón. In 1853, the house was sold to Count of Santa Coloma. In 1872, Archduke Lluís Salvador renamed it: House of Count of Santa Coloma; a review about the house: "Its exterior, rather deteriorated, only maintains a Renaissance window above the octagonal pillar porch; however, the inner courtyard is beautiful, even though the staircase is destroyed." In the second part of the XXth century, the house was owned by the Bosch family.

Further details of interest:

Currently, the house is part of the School of Tourism and has been recently refurbished.


Street  del Sol, 3

07001 Palma (Illes Balears)

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