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situated on the foundation of a synagogue. At the end of the same century, the church became a preaching centre for this congregation and also a cultural, social and even economic centre.

Not until the following century was the erection of this sacred place finished. From the very beginning it was an active centre until the abolition of the congregation in 1767.

The inside follows the guidelines of the Gothic architectures: single nave with lateral chapels and rectangular front part. The doom is half barrel vault with crescent-shaped ornament, novel style which will substitute the traditional groined one.

It worth pointing out the main façade which has an end of XVII century portal, a preceding model of the altarpiece portals. Has as decoration, it has Solomon columns, unique on the island.

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Only masses


Street  de Monti-sion, 22

07001 Palma (Illes Balears)

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