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Santa Creu

Santa Cruz

The church of the Holy Cross is one of the first parishes in the city and was built on the foundations of a temple, from which Sant Llorenç´s crypt has been preserved single.

It is situated in the coastal quarter of Puig de Sant Pere, following the model of a ground floor with a single nave with chapels among the buttresses From the period of its erection, begun in the XIV century, all that remains nowadays are the bell tower and San Lorenzo´s chapel.

This is the oldest part, located below the church presbytery which surely was the foundation of this one. The groined arches vault on octagonal pillars.
Stone is the only decoration of the place. This crypt was closed for a while, for restoration and finally opened in the 1980´s.

The church we can visit today is the result of a reconstruction begun in the middle of the XV century, which lasted until the XVIII century; all that can be seen presently belongs to the latter century.


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Price: 3 euros


Street  de Sant Llorenç, 1

07012 Palma (Illes Balears)

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