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La Llotja.

Sa Llotja

It has numerous sculptural works, Claus Sluter?s Merchant?s Guardian Angel in the main fašade being worth mentioning. Passeig Sagrera s/n - Tel. (971) 711705.

The building which nowadays is as one of the protagonists of Palma?s maritime fašade was originally the headquarters of the School of Merchants.

Guillem Sagrera, Majorcan well-known sculptor in the XV century, was entrusted to erect an adequate place for the merchant?s tasks and necessities. Therefore, during MartÝ l'HumÓ?s rule the works at La Lonja were commenced.

The result was a simple building, of a balanced composition, showing the island?s Gothic style. Rectangular shaped, it is divided into twelve sections, separated by six fluted columns which open up into ribs of a groined vault.

The building's exteriorákeeps its regular aspect where the canvas of the fašades form a rectangular shape. The ornamentation focuses considerably on the ogive arches decorating the windows. Besides, every external corner is crowned by octagonal towers which heighten the building?s integrity and unity. All around the perimeter, at the top part of the building, the windows are decorated with tracery. This sort of detail can also be observed in some stately homes in the old town.

The main entrance from the square which is named the same, the Guardian Angel, the merchants? patron saint, presides over the access to La Lonja.

Further details of interest:

Sa Llotja was built following the Gothic style between 1426 and 1448. La Lonja is a high-point of Catalan civil gothic style.


Plaša  de la Llotja, 5

07012 Palma (Illes Balears)

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Pertany al Govern Balear

Telephone: 971711705


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