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Ca´n Ordines d´Almadrà


The building is four floors high, that makes it taller than the neighbouring buildings that are, usually, only three floors high. The left window on the ground floor was built following the Gothic style. The lintel is decorated with a Renaissance relief that represents a laureate shield sustained by two savage men. The window on the right is a reproduction made within the scope of the reforms that took place between 1941-43.
On the noble floor there is a major Gothic window located between the two balconies. The porch shows conopial windows and in the upper part, an interesting corbel with moulded cantilever. The monstrous mask situated on the corner of Almudaina street is specially interesting.

Once in the inside, we see that the lobby is decorated with a coffered ceiling. The doorway to the left was built following the Renaissance style; the doorway to the right is of late Gothic style and shows two women figures with their index finger on the lip. The figures are surrounded by several scrolls that frame the coat of arms of the Vivot-Santjoan family. This coat of arms contains the following inscription: `Tu nube atque tace. Donant arcana cylindros´ ("Marry and be quiet. Silence will bring you jewels"). The `lonja´ and the staircase date back to the reform that was performed in the 1940's.
In the back of the courtyard, beneath the staircase and embedded into the wall we find a Roman funerary gravestone, known under the name of Ara Manlia, named after Manlia Severa. These remains are one of the few that still exist from the Roman necropolis that was located next to the city wall, in between the current Almudaina street, Sant Pere Nolasc street and Morey street. It was found during the reform that took place during the 1940's.

Historical Reference

This house was built at the beginning of the XVIth century by order of Berenguer Vivot, who was married to Joana de Santjoan, Lady of the Ariany Cavalry. After the marriage, the Ariany Cavalry became the ownership of the Vivot family. This is the reason why, for many years, the Cavalry headquarters was based in this building. In the year 1576 the house was owned by Ramón de Vivot y de Santjoan, Sir of Ariany. During the XVIIth century, the house was owned by several parties. At the beginning of the XIXth century it was owned by the Prohens family. In the year 1744 María de Salas Desbrull bought the house from the heirs of doctor Fiol. By marriage between Ángela Prohens and Joan Ordines d´Almadrà the house was named after the Ordines d´Almadrà family, peasant landowners from Alaró.

"Marry and be quiet"

The house lobby is decorated with two beautiful doorways that used to be the entrance to the former studios. The doorway on the left is of Renaissance style and it seems it was transferred from the first floor. The doorway on the right is of late Gothic style, with several integrated Renaissance elements.

The lintel of this last doorway is decorated with two medaillons that portray two richly dressed women in the fashion of the XVIth century as well as a coat of arms that shows the weapons of the Vivot and the Santjoan families, situated in-between both figures. Both feminine characters, portrayed half-length and well jewelled, have the index finger on the lips, as if asking for silence. The scrolls that envolve the figures contain an interesting message in Latin, most probably derived from the epigrams by the the Latin poet Marcial:

This enigmatic message means, more or less: "Marry and be quiet. Silence will bring you jewels". The legend says that this saying is related to the marriage between the wedding between knight Vivot and the rich heir Santmartí.
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Further details of interest:

The scrolls that frame the figures of the studio doorway on the right hand side contain an interesting message in Latin, that more or less means "Marry and be quiet. Silence will bring you jewels".


Street  de Morey, 8

07001 Palma (Illes Balears)

Zone Districte 1 - Centre

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