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On our way out of Palma, we drive past the Paseo Marítimo in direction to the West coast, until reaching the Andratx highway. After approximately six kilometres we must take the exit "Costa d'en Blanes". At this point we will see Maríneland (an aquatic park with a famous dolphin show). On Marineland's website we will find all information about the opening hours, shows, services and prices

We continue our way until reaching Palma Nova and Magaluf, a touristic centre within the municipality of Calvià with beautiful beaches and numerous hotels. On our way out of Magaluf, heading Andratx, we reach Santa Ponça, where King Jaime I landed. This event is being celebrated every year on the 9th September. Here we will find ten beaches, several golf courses, hotels and many further touristic services. On the same road, in direction Andratx, we will reach Peguera, a further important touristic nucleus within the municipality of Calvià.

If we continue driving along this road bordering Peguera we will reach Port de Andratx (the harbour of the village of Andratx). Port de Andratx is a natural harbour surrounded by cliffs and was, until not long ago, a fishers' village. Its big harbour was the perfect place to protect their boats from the wind. Nowadays, Port de Andratx is one of the most famous sport harbours on the island. It is specially popular among the owners of big yachts.

In Port de Andratx we will not be able to find huge buildings. This fact makes the village a specially pleasant place to visit and live. Furthermore, it is one of the best areas to enjoy our island's fish and seafood.

Back on the road, we will find the village of Andratx. We highly recommend a stroll along the old town of the village, along its narrow streets and a visit to the church that was built in the XIIIth century. We also wish to highlight at this point the parish church, that dates pack to the XVIIIth century, as well as the Son Mas Castle, in which interior you will be able to find paintings by Tintoretto and Durer, In case you are visiting the village on a

Wednesday, do not miss the local market featuring plenty of local products. From Andratx we will head to Banyalbufar, always driving along the road that borders the sea. The landscape is strongly marked by green and blue colours, the pine-trees and the sea.

Let us make the first stop in the Ricard Roca viewpoint. From here, the view over the cliffs is impressive. During our trip, we will be able to see numerous towers. These towers are spread along the island's coast. In ancient times, these towers were built for surveillance purposes and were helpful to detect the arrival of unknown ships or enemies, since the island was often assaulted by pirates. From each tower you will be see the next one, both to the left and to the right. This gave the soldiers the chance, upon discovery of a suspicious ship, to inform the other neighbouring towers about the possible threat with smoke signals during the day, or fire code signals during the night. In this way, the news spread rapidly to the headquarters, located in Palma. The headquarters then alarmed the population, so they could hide into the walled areas of the city.

We continue driving along the road joining Andratx with Banyalbufar. At this height we will find a beautiful village called Estellencs. The city centre is quite small but it maintains all its most interesting architectural elements. Its cobbled streets are narrow and steep.

If you have enough spare time, you should take the chance to walk down to the beach. The path is extremely narrow and marked by curves and the beach is small, but it is worth a visit. During our trip along the coast, we will find plenty of "bancales", land for cultivation in form of terraces on the mountain slopes. The Ses Ànimes viewpoint is located between Banyalbufar and Estellencs. Ses Ànimes is a tower that dates back to the XIVth century and is worth a stop to enjoy the view over the Tramuntana mountain range.

Once in Banyalbufar, we may make a stop in this lovely village and stroll around its streets. The village of Banyalbufar is very similar to Estellencs: a small village, with narrow, cobbled streets facing the sea. In Banyalbufar we will find the Sa Baronia Cloister, a monument located within the city, made up of a cloister and a tower for defense purposes

that date back to the XVIIth century. Nowadays it is part of the premises of a hotel. For more information, please visit: Agriculture has been during numerous years the main source of income for this village. Wine is its main produce. Banyalbufar's wine is very famous for its malmsey wine. Despite the fact that it almost disappeared, malmsey wine is part of a full recovery process. For more information, please visit especially the chapter about gastronomy (agro rutas)

On our way out of Banyalbufar, heading towards Esporles, we will find on our left hand side a small detour that will lead us to Port des Canonge. Port des Canonge is a very popular small fishing village that has been chosen by many to become their summer residence.

On the way back to Palma, we highly recommend a stop at La Granja, nearby Esporles. La Granja is a fantastic typical Majorcan mansion with a ethnogranphic museum featuring tools and objects from the most important ancient handicrafts. For further information, please visit

Our excursion ends with a visit to La Granja and a coffee in one of the cafés located in Esporles.

The tour can be made by car, by participating at an excursion organised by a travel agency or, if you choose to travel by public transport, by taking the bus. In case you choose to use the public transport, please visit the menu "Transport on the island" on this website.

However, at this point we must highlight that the buses will not stop-by frequently. 

DURATION OF THE EXCURSION: All day, including the breaks
Total distance covered: 87.6 Km.
From which:
Palma-Santa Ponça 21.2 Km.
Santa Ponça-Port d'Andratx 15.9 km
Port Andratx-Estellencs 21.8 km
Estellencs-Banyalbufar 7.5 km
Banyalbufar-Palma 21.2 km


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    Closed on the 25th December and on the 1st January.
Palma-Andratx-Estellencs-Banyalbufar (Coast-Tramuntana-Dragonera)

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