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Palma, a city to relax in

Palma offers the visitor experience and high quality in its varied range of hotels, from those in the city centre to those near the beaches.

Palma, a city to relax in            Palma, a city to relax in
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Class in the heart of the city

Accommodation in the city hotels in Palma provide the visitor with the pleasure of directly experiencing all the artistic heritage and culture and the opportunities for leisure and shopping that the city has to offer. The mild climate and good communications are added advantages that have made the capital into a destination, for which demand is constantly increasingly.The long history of tourism in the city is the guarantee of first class service, with modern, functional facilities available that are always updated in line with the latest technological advances, and rounded off with other services in accordance with each guest¿s requirements, such as top cuisine or wellness facilities. Whether the reason for one¿s stay in Palma is pleasure or business, whatever the season of the year, the hotels in the centre of the city are an excellent choice for you to have a delightful stay in a sophisticated city.

Hotels that caress the sea

It would be quite wrong for Palma, a city facing the sea, not to have its fair share of beach hotels. Cala Major and Sant Agustí to the west and Platja de Palma to the east are a few of the areas, no more than 10 minutes from the centre of the city, which give the visitor the chance of spending a few days mixing relaxation
and entertainment in attractive establishments near one of Palma¿s seven beaches. The good public transport provided by the bus routes takes a relatively short time to carry one to the centre of town and it is easy to change there to get to anywhere else in the island. The hotels and holiday apartments in the beach areas of Palma represent quality that is within the reach of all budgets 365 days a year. There are also a great many ways spend one¿s leisure time in the hotels, with lively bars and discos of international renown, as well as a variety of shops, restaurants, cafés, etc.

HOTELS WITH SPECIAL CHARMAccommodation with the seal of distinction

The accommodation on offer in Palma includes many opportunities for those who are looking for something more than just somewhere to spend the night. It so happens that the number of hotels with special charm in the city is on the increase: refined, elegant establishments with one thing in common ¿ excellence. Restored mansions and minimalist hotels that reflect the trend of what the 21st century tourist wants in our city. The aesthetics are as well cared for as the cuisine, as the select menus and wine lists of their restaurants go to show. These hotels, on occasions the size of a large family house, adapted to all tastes and needs, make staying in Palma a unique experience.


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