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"Palma, for the Best Shopping in the Mediterranean"

The aim of this guide is to help everyone visiting Palma with their tours among the city. The guide presents four different route proposals.

The route proposals are accompanied by an explanatory map, on which the main commercial, historic and cultural centres of interest within Palma are highlighted.

The guide is pocket-sized and is translated into six languages (Catalan, Spanish, German, English, French and Italian).

Copies of the guide will be distributed for free at tourist information centres, shops and harbours. You may also download the guide from the site

For more information, please contact us by e-mail or by calling the telephone number 971 229 470.


A visit to the most exclusive shops in Palma

A very attractive route that combines visits to famous national and international label shops while passing beautiful squares and terraces, that are real jewels of modernist architecture.
The area between Plaça Weyler and Avinguda Jaume III is one of the most select shopping areas within Palma.
Strolling along the mile you will find antique shops or decoration shops as well as designer fashion and shoe shops.
The Carrer de la Unió, where many old shops can be found, will lead you to Avinguda Jaume III, featuring elegant windowshops hosting big labels.
On the other side, on the Plaça Joan Carles, you will find many traditional and crowded cafés.
While strolling through a labyrinth of streets we reach Carrer de la Concepció, that offers a wide variety of taverns and "tapas" bars.
The street running parallelly, the Carrer de Bonaire, is one of the major prestige shopping streets, offering exclusive products typical from Palma, while the Carrer de Baró Santa Maria del Sepulcre is famous for its children and young people fashion boutiques.
This route includes a visit to one of the most beautiful and charming buildings in Palma: the Gran Hotel.

Bus Lines: 3,7,15,50 (Tourist Bus)
Taxis: Gran Hotel
Parking: Passeig Mallorca, Plaça Major, Via Roma, Parc de la Mar


A visit to one of the most traditional and cosy areas of Palma.

This is considered to be the open air shopping centre.
Numerous shops selling fashion, shoes, accessories as well as several perfumeries, souvenirs, drapery and Majorcan embroidery shops can be found in this area.
The Olivar market is located in this area too, one of the most attractive markets in the city. Here you will find typical Majorcan produce: Sobrassada, cheese, almonds, traditional cakes and pastry as well as fresh meat, fish and vegetables.
Several cafés and shops for everybody's taste and purse are spread along the Carrer de Sant Miquel, Carrer dels Oms and the shopping centre next to Carrer de Velàzquez.
Additionally, you will find numerous old bars, which, after many years, have become part of the life and history of the city.
La Rambla, the flower and plants' mile, is a typical image on many postcards. The cosiest side of Palma de Mallorca, with its narrow streets and traditional shops, can be visited by strolling along the Plaça de l´Hospital, behind La Misericòrdia.

Bus Lines: 1,2,3,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,15,16,17,19,23,27,50 (Tourist Bus)
Taxis: Plaça d´Espanya,
Parking: Mercat de l´Olivar, Plaça d´Espanya, Comte d´Empúries, les Avingudes and Comte de Sallent
Tourist Information Point: Plaça d´Espanya

AREA Nr. 3: Plaça de Cort - Porta de Sant Antoni

A tour through history and to the origins of the city as well as a visit to the city's traditional trade centre

Right next to the most characteristic buldings of the city, the Town Hall building and the Sant Francesc Church, you will find several streets in which the spirit of ancient traders is still alive.
This is the place where you will be able to experience handicraft work in the Passeig per l´Artesania featuring the innovative Handicraft Centre.
The visitor will have the chance to purchase traditional products and witness the processing of glass, wood, ceramics, paper, textiles, etc.
While strolling along the narrow streets, you will discover several traditional bars and restaurants.
This tour will also give you the chance to visit one of the best known shopping streets: Carrer Sindicat, a street that is always crowded with people.
In this area you will find many shops that have been present in the area for years. Nevertheless, you will also find modern shops, perfumeries as well as accessories' and fashion shops.
Until the middle of the last century, the area was open to the tram, to cars and pedestrians. However, the traders' association managed to change this and it is now open only for pedestrians.
The Carrer de Sindicat reaches all the way up to Porta de Sant Antoni, that used to be the entrance door to the city in ancient times.

Bus Lines: 2,4,8,9,10,11,14,16,18,27,31
Taxis: Porta de Sant Antoni, Plaça de Cort
Parking: Plaça Major, Carrer Manacor, Avenidas, Olivar Market


Streets marked by history give you the chance to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere

The Carrer de Jaume II features numerous fashion, accessories', souvenir shops, drugstores as well as many others.
From here, stairs will lead you up to some of the most peculiar shopping streets in Palma, where you will find traditional shops next to modern, design boutiques.
The street labyrinth surrounding the Plaça de Frederic Chopin features exclusive and select products as well as charming traditional shops next to Plaça de Sant Nicolau, such as candy stores and pastry shops.
Walking along the Carrer de Sant Nicolau we reach several small streets leading to ES Born, inviting us for a pleasant stroll while visiting some of the most exclusive label shops.
Once we reach Plaça de la Reina, we may choose to head towards Avinguda d´Antoni Maura, where we will find loads of terraces and cafés. The Carrer d´Apuntadors, the Plaça Drassanes as well as the Plaça de la Llotja offer a selection of numerous bars and restaurants to meet everybody's taste.
Additionally to these shops, the area features interesting buildings, such as the Parliament of the Balearic Islands, the Carrer del Conquistador, the Palau March, the beautiful modernist finca located in Plaça Marquès del Palmer or la Llotja.

Bus Lines: Plaça del Rei Joan Carles I: 1,3,7,15,50 (Tourist Bus); Plaça de la Reina: Bus Lines 2,6,15
Taxis: Passeig del Born, Plaça de la Reina
Parking: Parc de la Mar, Plaça Major, Mercat de l´Olivar, Via Roma
Tourist Information Points: Passeig del Born, Plaça de la Reina
Office providing information about tourist routes: Carrer de Sant Domingo

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