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Cabrera Island

The archipelago of Cabrera belongs administratively to the municipality of Palma, even though it is not the closest municipality from the geographical point of view. The closest harbour is that of Col˛nia de Sant Jordi (situated within the municipality of Ses Salines), located approximately 12 km away.

Cabrera is the only National Park among the Balearic Islands and it boasts an extraordinary natural, cultural landscape. Since it is one of the last natural reserves, home for different vegetal and animal species and a remarkable marine environment, Cabrera is highly protected. Due to this reason, visits and coasting around the island are restricted.

How to reach the National Park of Cabrera:

Excursions by boat departing from Col˛nia de Sant Jordi:

Col˛nia de Sant Jordi - Cabrera:
Excursiones a Cabrera
Tel. 971 649 034
Half an hour stop in Sa Cova Blava.

Excursions by boat departing from Col˛nia de Sant Jordi:

Col˛nia de Sant Jordi - Cabrera and Sa Cova Blava:
Tel.: 971 656403 / 622574806

Audio guide with information about Cabrera's geology, flora, fauna and history. Guided tours to Cabrera and hiking and bird-watching routes.

Please note: The excursions depend from the weather. Please make your reservation in advance.

The Ministry of Environment is responsible for the management of Cabrera as a National Park.
For more information, please visit the following website:

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