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Discover Palma by bicycle

Palma offers numerous attractions and the bicycle is an excellent alternative to discover the city's most interesting places.

The City of Palma offers BiciPalma, a public bicycle system that facilitates short-distance travel by Ciutat. This service makes available to all citizens more than 290 public bikes and a bike lane network of more than 812 km. On the other hand the municipality counts on more than 385 parkings for the users of private bicycles. Web BiciPalma

San Fernando Cycle Track
The San Fernando Cycle Track has been designed by the German architect Ralf Schuermann and has a capacity of 4,500 spectators. Its doors first opened on 29th March, within the scope of the Track Cycling World Championship that took place until the 1st April 2007.
C/ Uruguay, s/n
Tel. 971 762 264

For further information, please contact
Federación Balear de Ciclismo (Cycling Federation from the Balearics)
c/ Francesc Fiol i Joan, 2 -1st floor - 17A. Palma.
Tel. 971 757 628
Fax. 971 758 837

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